Branding & Strategy

Any good company knows how important Branding is. And obviously,we think so too. At OTB, we take your company, your brand, your values and your philosophy seriously. We will give you a strong voice; a presence. We will make sure you will leave an imprint in the industry you are in.
You know that saying, “white on rice?” well branding & strategy goes hand in hand. Without having a strategy, branding will not succeed. This is where we come in and help you. At OTB, we will strategize collectively as one unit and come up with a game plan. Having a strong strategy will dictate the course of your brand.
OTB offers a broad range of services that include close relationships with a select roster of other service providers that enhances our service offerings. If the best way to produce a project isn’t something we specialise in, we will fully manage having it produced within our professional network. What this means for our clients is that they can come to us for any project and know that it is being managed in the best possible way with our extraordinary service.
On top of our signature service, comes having great communication and a solid relationship with our clients. Clients engage with us 24/7, so having a good relationship makes life a little sweeter. Our unique project management model allows utilising our diverse supplier base in addition to the multiple services we provide.


Thinking outside the box is our speciality. We love to be challenged! Working with unique and creative possibilities builds on our creative juices, creating extraordinary results for our clients. We dare you to give us a challenge! Any challenge! C’mon!